Membership Instructions 2021-2022

OATA group professional liability insurance is part of the registration requirement for 2022 as a Member benefit.


   New Members | Certified - Candidates         


1. Click on the “Online Membership Application Form”

2. Membership application   form will appear with mandatory fields with a drop down menu to select (First year student, Second year student, Third year student).

3. Confirm membership level amount then click on “Confirm and Proceed with payment    with a credit card.

4. Credit card information must be identical to your mailing address on file with your credit card provider. Contact your credit card provider to confirm your mailing address.

5. Contact the OATA technical support line for assistance at (905) 946-8080* or


  Existing Members | Candidates       


1. Login with your username and password and Click view profile page

2. Proceed in updating your membership  profile page.  This page will appear with mandatory fields.  A member will not be fully renewed unless their membership profile is updated. Once updated click  Update and next

3. An invoice should be automatically be generated for the member to pay dues. This eliminates preparing manual invoices/duplicate invoices. Do NOT make a manual invoice.

4. Confirm membership level amount then  click on Confirm and Proceed with Payment with a credit card. Credit card information must be identical to your mailing address on file with your credit card provider.   

Note: Third or fourth year students who pass the CATA certification exam will receive an email from the Board Secretary once their membership level has been updated to "Certified". The Secretary will make this change once a confirmed list of members is received from the CATA. Once your level has been changed you   can then go online and follow the renewal steps to pay your membership dues. For questions contact support at (905) 946 8080 OR  


                        Existing Members | Certified                       


1. Login with your username and password and click on view profile

2. A Certified member who wishes to change their membership status to Inactive status must provide a petition to become inactive fax to (905) 946-1517 or e-mail at   

3. Proceed in updating your membership profile page.  The mandatory registration renewal form will appear in  your membership profile. Please complete prior to proceeding to payment.  A member who by-passes the registration renewal form and proceeds to payment will not be deemed to have successfully completed the full registration renewal. Again, registration renewal is a two-step process. Both steps are mandatory. Payment without completion of the registration form is an incomplete renewal.

4.  Confirm profile page information then click on the button “Update and next”.  (An invoice will automatically be generated)

5. Confirm membership level amount then click on “Confirm and Proceed with Payment” with a credit card. Credit card information must be identical to your mailing address on file with your credit card provider.    

Note: There is a $50 fee associated with this petitioning process. Your petition will be reviewed by the OATA Secretary and the Board Members for approval. If approved, you will be instructed by e-mail to pay the inactive membership dues of $132.78 (HST Incl.). Please note that you will also be required to petition the Board again when reinstating. If that petition is approved by the Board the fee payable for reinstatement is $100. As well, a member may request inactive membership for no less than 6 months and no greater than 12 months. (The Association is not an employer so it does not offer Maternity or Paternity leave. A member can request inactive.) For reinstatement please fill out and send the OATA Petition for Reinstatement Inactive Form to the OATA secretary through the same process as inactive above. 

OATA membership fees differ by membership class; 

 CERTIFIED MEMBER $300.58$118.80 $419.38
 CERTIFICATION CANDIDATE $107.35$29.16  $136.51

   *Prices include HST & PST where applicable.  Check Invoice for each level.

Terms and Conditions of the OATA Membership 

I acknowledge that the personal information provided on this form is used by the OATA to conduct membership administration and is consistent with the requirements of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, and its regulations, By-laws, policies, Standard of Practice and for research and other purposes related to the Athletic Therapist profession and is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Association's Privacy Policy.

I understand that I must notify the Association in writing within fourteen days of any change of location of practice or principal location of practice, business name of practice, business telephone number, email address or principal residence.

I hereby certify that all statements I have made in all parts of this registration renewal form are true and complete. (Please note that submitting a renewal application that you know provides false or misleading information is professional misconduct and may result in disciplinary action.)

I acknowledge that it is professional misconduct to practise Athletic Therapy while holding Inactive certification or when suspended. I acknowledge that I cannot use the title Athletic Therapist (AT) while holding Inactive Certification or when suspended. I acknowledge it may be considered insurance fraud to treat someone as an Athletic Therapist during Inactive or suspended.

Government of Canada Line 212 - Annual union, professional, or like dues

You can claim the following amounts related to your employment that you paid (or that were paid for you and included in your income) in the year:

    • Annual dues for membership in a trade union or an association;
    • Professional board dues required under provincial or territorial law;
    •  Professional or malpractice liability insurance premiums or professional membership dues required to keep a professional status recognized by law; and
    • Parity or advisory committee (or similar body) dues required under provincial or territorial law.

The OATA Privacy Policy and Commitment to Members is that it will not give, rent, sell, barter, trade or distribute its Membership List to anyone or any third party.

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